Renee and Steve

Review Restaurants in the Twin Cities Area

Renee and Steve began reviewing about in 1995 when Renee could no longer handle the normal Saturday question of what do you want to do tonight? And neither Renee nor Steve could make a decision until about dinner time, when both would be so hungry that they would choose a restaurant that they both had been to many times and neither of them really liked.

Renee came up with the idea of putting all the restaurants that they ever wanted to try into a basket and picking one on Thursday and going to it on Saturday. Steve then came up with the idea of actually keeping a log of all these restaurants and what we thought.

Renee and Steve only go to each restaurant once before reviewing. Many people have questioned as to how they feel they can be fair only going once. What if the service or food is off that night? Renee and Steve feel they can review this way because this is how most people do it. If the average person goes to a restaurant once and the service or food or both is bad they don't go back. Likewise, if it is a great experience they almost always return. So we are the regular person's reviewer.

Restaurant Rating


Renee and Steve found this restaurant to be almost without flaws. A place they would definitely return to.


Renee and Steve found this restaurant to have a few flaws, but overall a good experience. Renee and Steve would more than likely return to most of these.


Renee and Steve found this restaurant to have a quite a few flaws, usually either Renee or Steve disliked the restaurant greatly. Renee and Steve would probably not return to most of these.


Renee and Steve found this restaurant to be terrible, both of their meals were more than likely inedible or it was not the quality expected for the price paid. Renee and Steve would not return to any of these.