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4 Bells

1610 Harmon Place


     • Seafood Avacado Cocktail $12 (shared)

     • Fried Chicken $17

      • Peaches and Cream Shake $8 (shared)

      • Biscuits $5 (shared)

I really enjoyed my meal at 4 Bells, strong drinks, good fried chicken it really could not be bad.

The space is a hopping energetic place, which is to say it is a bit noisy, which is fine for us, but if you are with a group it may be challenging to hear each other.  There was a big group next to us and apparently they were asked to be quieter as one of the people asked me if we thought they were being too loud.  I laughed at that because the place was very loud to begin with that I did not notice them above the others.  

Food wise everything I had was good to excellent.  I am not sure I would go back as it was a bit spendy and really loud.


Lingcod $29

I did not enjoy the meal at 4 Bells.  The food was good, but the restaurant was noisy and I was not ready for the Southern food, which is predominantly what is on the menu.  Prices are high for the value, perhaps due to the location.

I recommend the Seafood Cocktail, which contained generous portions of seafood and delicious saltines.  The Lingcod was a white fish that was light and perfectly done.  The one prawn served on the side  was good, but it seemed to be included for presentation instead of adding much to the meal.  I'm not a huge fan of grits, and the entree features a bed of blue corn grits.  Others who are grits aficionados might appreciate the blue corn grits.  The biscuits were very good with nicely whipped honey butter, but I would have been happy with one complimentary biscuit instead of ordering a side.  The peaches  and cream shake was very good.

As mentioned above, the restaurant is noisy.  At one point during the meal, a woman from a table next to us asked if they were being too loud because someone else had complained.  I responded no, that they weren't too loud.  Even though they were next to us, I didn't even notice how loud they were because the whole restaurant is loud.

The service was very good.  However, I was surprised that none of the three people at the host stand acknowledged us as we left.  Valet parking is available.  Parking is almost always unavailable near the restaurant, and we found a spot on Hennepin Avenue 2+ blocks away.














$20 and up

June 3, 2016