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5800 Cedar Avenue



     • Mushroom and Swiss Hamburger Basket with Onion Rings $6.20

We were actually planning on going to Matt's Bar this evening, but upon arriving and meeting my sister at 7:00 pm. We found it packed with no room opening up soon. My sister suggested the 5-8 Club which is not far away and had Jucy Lucys as well. So that is where we went. We arrived probably around 7:30 and it too was packed. Luckily my sister took a wrong turn going there (even though she gave us direction) and by the time she showed up there was hope of getting a table in sight. This is the kind of place where you walk in and seat yourself, which probably 90 percent of the time works great, but on a busy weekend evening, they really should have someone helping control the people.

By the time we got seated it was probably close to 8:00 pm, and things were beginning to settle down a bit. I had the mushroom and swiss burger which is a quarter pound burger with mushroom and swiss on it. I ordered in the basket form with onion rings which means you get hamburger, onion rings and coleslaw. Unfortunately, it took them a while to deliver our food after it was ready because it was pretty much lukewarm by the time we got it. Perhaps if we had come during a less busy time, this would not have been a problem. This made the onion rings greasy and not prime tasting. Steve's fries did not benefit from the lukewarmness either. The hamburger was good, the bun was the good squishy kind, but overall I was not highly impressed.

I think if you live it the area, you were probably there on Saturday and know if you like it or not, but as far as driving across town for it, I probably wouldn't.

     • Jucy Lucy Basket with Fries 5.60

We weren’t wild about The 5-8 Club. Even the delicious mug of Summit on tap could not redeem the cardinal sin of cold fries. I don’t think they would have been that much better hot, but I’ll never know. Renee’s onion rings were similarly cold, and they cost a buck more.

I liked the Jucy Lucy. For the uninitiated, the Jucy Lucy consists of two quarter pound hamburger patties melded together with cheese melted in between. We were told by friends to wait for the cheese to cool down before enjoying the Jucy Lucy. On this night, with cold fries, I proceeded immediately to the burger. The Jucy Lucy was at an appropriate temperature, ready to eat right away.

If you’re in the neighborhood, The 5-8 Club may be a regular haunt. If you live further away, it’s probably not worth the drive.










Novebmer 22, 2003