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5001 34th Ave. S


(612) 343-7696

     • Hawaiian blue prawns in herb butter with caponata (shared) $9

     • Cacculo (seafood stew) $19

     • Chocolate oblivion tart $6

Al Vento was a great place to go on a beautiful Sunday night. They have nice patio and we were able to sit out there and enjoy the great weather. A glass of Prosecco, a beautiful evening, it is hard to beat.

The food was good. I thought the appetizer was very nice, my seafood stew was great. The dessert was ok, but not great, which was a little disappointing, but all in all it is a great neighborhood restaurant.


     • Spaghetti with tomato and veal meatballs $12

     • Tiramisu $6

The blue prawns were good, head on and everything. They were fresh, even though only three were served with the appetizer. The accompanying caponata was light and delightful. Looking up caponata on the Internet, most recipes describe it as a Sicilian salsa of sorts with eggplant, olives, tomatoes, garlic, red onion, capers, oregano. The olives that Al Vento uses are particularly charming.

I was really happy with the spaghetti and veal meatballs. The spaghetti was that texture of good homemade pasta and cooked perfectly. The veal meatballs were tender and had a nice, fresh flavor. The sauce was equally appealing with a good Italian herb and tomato flavor.

The tiramisu was structured well, spongy and not too firm. The presentation was first class, and the price was in line with similar desserts in the Twin Cities. The tiramisu was worth ordering.

We had dinner on the deck on a beautiful Sunday evening. Note that there isn’t any view to speak of. The only distraction was the traffic on 34th Avenue that included cars squealing at the stoplight. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too pleasant when airplane traffic is frequent overhead (we only had two planes buzz by during our dinner).





Dish Cloth


2" Wood




June 30, 2007