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Amore Victoria

1601 W. Lake Street


(612) 823-0250

     • Crab-stuffed mushrooms - breaded and deep-fried $8.95 (shared)

     • ½ Lombardi salad - Radicchio, Romaine, artichokes, kalamata olives, new red potatoes, tomatoes, (herbed) goat cheese, and stone-ground mustard vinaigrette $4.95 (shared)

     • Gnocchi al Pomodoro - basil, garlic, and olive oil $12.95

     • Three fudge cake with raspberry $6.95 (shared)

It was sad, really. Our meal at Amore Victoria was a disappointment.

I am not really sure where to start with my disappointment. The only thing that I thought was good was the salad, which had a nice tangy dressing on it and everything except for the tomato was good quality. But beyond that the meal was just sad, especially with the location among all kinds of good restaurants in Uptown, it is hard to understand why they are still in business. The crab stuffed mushrooms were not great, the gnocchi which may have been homemade were not that good, in fact, I think I have made better and a good gnocchi maker I am not. The dessert was better than the meal, but we almost didn't get that because the server assumed we would not want one and gave us the bill, we had to ask for dessert. So I guess I assumed the worse like they were trying to hide it, but it was not too bad. We didn't have coffee because our server did not offer. What server does not offer dessert and coffee, it is just normal to do so. Now to be fair he could have assumed we did not need dessert and coffee which to be sure we did not, no one ever needs dessert and coffee, but you still ask in hopes that they have some and then they have a bigger bill to tip on.

     • Agnolotti al lobster - lobster-stuffed ravioli with heavy garlic, crab, shrimp, and caviar $20.95

Amore Victoria is not worth going to. They do some things well, but many things poorly. One thing they do well: the Lombardi salad was a nice combination of greens, goat cheese, artichokes, Kalamata olives, potatoes dressed with a steady stone-ground mustard vinaigrette. Another thing they do well: the dessert was a nice combination of three chocolates that was topped by a steady raspberry sauce.

The crab-stuffed mushrooms were merely average. The crab, shrimp, and caviar was swimming in a soupy sauce that had far too much garlic. Renee thought the crab was imitation crab, and I would tend to agree. The lobster-stuffed ravioli had the look of being made somewhere else, all three of them.

The service was below average. The atmosphere is nice, but the crowd is noisy and underdressed. Maybe that’s what you get in the middle of summer, but I’ll bet people are dressing up for Cue at the new Guthrie Theatre.










July 29, 2006