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Asia Chow Mein

4905 Central Ave

Columbia Hts

(763) 571-4425

     •     Egg rolls (2) $3.65 (shared)

     •     Egg Foo Young $5.00

We went to Asia Chow Mein with our two nieces, Raquel (7) and Yasmine (3). They had never been to a Chinese restaurant so we thought we would be a good aunt and uncle and take them to one.

I had the Egg Foo Young, I thought it might be something they would understand since it was basically an omelet. They did seem to like it, I also thought it was quite tasty. Steve had the lo mein which was also good and well received by the girls. Raquel ordered her own dish of Shrimp with peapods, I was a bit worried about this choice, but she said liked shrimp. She did not however, like this dish, which I agree with it was overly salty and not good. She also had a bowl of chicken and corn soup which she seemed to like. Yasmine ordered her own bowl of Wonton soup and happily ate most of it. We also had an order of egg rolls which we all agreed were not that great.

Overall, if you just want a quick basic Chinese dish like egg foo young, lo mein, or fried rice, this could be a good place to go. However there are much better versions of those dishes, plus the other more complicated dishes in many places throughout the city.

     •     Hot & spicy soup $2.95

     •     Chicken Lo Mein $6.95

Asia Chow Mein is a local Chinese restaurant that does well at many things, but not all things. If you live in the neighborhood, this may be your local spot, especially since the owners retained the drive thru window from the KFC restaurant that formerly occupied the space. If you're a regular, you know that you need to find what you like on the menu and stick with it. The menu was hit or miss in our opinion. I really liked my chicken lo mein, but wasn't as impressed with the hot and spicy soup, and the egg rolls were very disappointing. They have very reasonable prices, and the total bill reflects meals for Renee, Steve, and two nieces.








March 17, 2007