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Bachelor Farmer

50 North 2nd Avenue



     • Walleye frikadelle, baby fall greens and roasted carrots, remoulade, pickled cucumbers

     • Poached chicken eggs, braised beluga lentils, baby bok choy, poached garlic, curry spices $17

     • Popover $3 (shared)

     • Valrhona Araguani chocolate mousse, espresso cream, pistachio Florentine $7

One of the hottest reservations in town! On a Wednesday a week out, there were no 7 pm hour reservations. We got a 6:45 and felt pretty lucky about it. Is it worth it? We actually debated this some during the meal. Granted our expectations were quite high so we may not have been as generous. However, we were kid free, which usually makes me, at least, much more generous. So I will say it deserves the hype, but I am really glad they take reservations, so I did not have to wait too long for the meal, which may have soured me a bit.

I had the Walleye fish cakes and they were very good, absolutely nothing I could find wrong with them. But they really didn't transport me either. I chose to go with something I could pretty easily make at home and do on occasion, in part because I wanted to see if they could do it better and in part because it just sounded like the perfect dish for the evening. Again, it was very good. If I was having a good cooking day and everything went right, I would probably have turned out a similar dish, although the eggs were much prettier than mine ever are. The dessert however, really did rise above expectations. It really was something that made me really, really happy. And when I think back on a perfect chocolate mousse this will be what I am thinking of.

This is a very hip, but welcoming place. And I can see why all the buzz is generated. The food does not disappoint.

     • Duck liver pate, pistachio, blueberry jam, grain mustard

     • Roasted duck breast, purple top turnips, braised carrots, creme fraiche, chives

     • Warm apple-currant pie, creme diplomat $8

I had too high of expectations for The Bachelor Farmer. It's good, and every course is good. But it's not great. The hip factor adds to the ambience, but it's not a place that I left longing to go back to. The feeling was confirmed a little more than a week later when we went to the Butcher and the Boar, which exceeds expectations at every turn. For TBF, the ingredients are high quality, and each course is prepared well individually, but there's no synergy.

Service was very good. Parking is difficult in the area




Wet Rag











$20 and up

October 23, 2014