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88 6th Street


(612) 656-3255

     •     pre fixe with wine pairing $99.00

     ◦     celery root and leek bisque

     ◦     fried oyster with boudin noir brioche

     ◦     smoked pheasant and pmmegranate salad

     ◦     beef short ribs with lobster

     ◦     coffee panna cotta

Where do I begin? Well let's start with the pre fixe menu which they had only one of and no other choices. They asked as we entered if we knew about it. No, we did not. Why not? It could have been mentioned at any of the contact points we had, when we made the reservation or when they called to confirm. Not only was it pre fixe, but it was pre fixe with wine pairing and no bargain. I don't really mind pre fixe meals, in fact many of the best meals I have had have been one. But there are usually other options like a vegetarian and a meat one or a seafood and meat one, etc. I can't think of the last time I have been to a restaurant where I was given a pre fixe with no other option.

Rant two: ok, so we were not dressed to the nines, but I don't think we were dressed to the point that we deserved the worst table in the house especially when the restaurant at no point in time got above 3/4 full while we there.

To some positives, the space really is amazing and the chairs very comfortable. Our server asked if we wanted to start the meal with some bubbly (well, duh, not only is it New Year's Eve, but if there is bubbly, I no doubt want to start my meal off with it.) He then told us there was two options a prosecco and a Veuve, Steve said lets get one of each to compare and the server asked who wanted what Steve and I said it didn't matter and the server said, "Well, I will be the gentleman and give the lady the Veuve, then!" Thank you, Thank you. That was one fine glass of champagne.

The champagne was the highlight of the meal, in fact that champagne was the highlight of year for me. It went down hill from there. The food was all competent like a hotel you are stuck in by the airport and you really have no way of going someplace else because you don't want to rent a car and your flight leaves at 6am in the morning. But the reality is this hotel is located amongst some great restaurants all within walking distance. The only thing I swooned a bit over was the fried oyster, which was outstanding, other than that I did swoon a bit because I drank six glasses of wine, but that is a whole separate issue. I think the saddest part to me was they ended the meal with a split of Kenwood Yulupa sparkling brut served in a plastic glass. Now let us ignore the glass issue because I have not idea where that came from, but I don't know that much about wine really, but I know that was bad sparkling wine. It would have been nice to just give us another glass of prosecco which was way better since we had bought one before the meal. Because to go from the prosecco and Veuve (served in appropriate stemware) at the beginning of the meal to Kenwood sparkling brut (in a plastic glass) was almost cruel. It was as if they were saying please leave now, which we gladly did.

     •     pre fixe with wine pairing $99.00

     ◦     celery root and leek bisque

     ◦     fried oyster with boudin noir brioche

     ◦     smoked pheasant and pmmegranate salad

     ◦     beef short ribs with lobster

     ◦     coffee panna cotta

I have a few service gripes with Bank's hostesses, and the food wasn't that great either. We have been disappointed enough times by hotel restaurants that I should not have gotten my hopes up with BANK. In fact, Chamber's Kitchen and Cosmos are the only exceptions to this rule, but we also had a good meal at Biscayne Bay which is now closed.

For service foibles: When we arrived, the hostess announced there was a fixed five course menu that evening. Since it was New Year's Eve, I wasn't surprised and said it would be fine. Maybe we weren't dressed up enough, but she insisted on showing us the menu, maybe to dissuade us, maybe because Renee had seen others leave. But her condescending attitude also implied that we should have known about the fixed menu. If it was that important, maybe the staff person calling to confirm our reservation that afternoon should have mentioned it. Then she sat us ten feet away at a drafty (The best tables are booths that face the kitchen.).

Our waiter was wonderful. He gave us some deft clues along the way. The fried oysters were the highlight of the meal. We also liked the smoked pheasant, but the other courses really weren't that great. The consistency of the bisque was too thick, and was an otherwise simple dish (not high on the wow factor). I've had much better short ribs recently--those just weren't as good. It's hard to complain about lobster, but it really didn't taste great. The panna cotta was standard.

With wine pairings, I would have to say that the shiraz was my favorite, but others really left me wanting something different. The pinot blanc, chardonnay, and cabernet sauvignon all seemed below average for their variety, and I don't consider my self a wine snob. The embarrassment came with the awful Kenwood Yulupa sparkling brut served in chintzy plastic cups. They really lost me there. Or maybe not. Maybe it reminded me that BANK is just another misguided hotel restaurant.





3" Silver Grinder




$20 and up

December 31, 2007