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Bar La Grassa

800 Washington Ave N


     •     Seared Sea Scallop $14

     •     Soft Eggs and Lobster Bruschetta $13

     •     Crab Ravioli $13

     •     Ricotta Cake $7

Bar La Grassa was amazing from my first drink the Red Night (beet, lime, vodka) to dessert, I was a very happy girl.

The sea scallop were perfect the sauce amazing, I would have licked the plate, if that were at all socially acceptable. The soft eggs and lobster, made me realize I have never had really amazing scrambled eggs before. The crab ravioli were very nice and again the sauce amazing. The ricotta cake which had an orange sauce around it was the just right "light" dessert after a wonderful meal.

Go to open table and make reservations...yes you will need to make them in advance, but do it.

     •     Caprese $12

     •     Red Onion and Goat Cheese Bruschetta $7

     •     Gnocchi w Cauliflower and Orange $16

     •     Caramel Crespel $7

I had high hopes going into Bar La Grassa because it was so hard to get Saturday night reservations and the because of the buzz surrounding it. That can be a good or a bad sign. It did not help that I was not drinking on this particular night, because a cocktail and a few glasses of wine may have changed everything. The signs going in were good – the clientele was well dressed and this seems to be the place to be seen. For me, other than the gnocchi and the fine caramel crespel, Bar La Grassa did not meet the high expectations and was, to me, an average restaurant.

The caprese salad was tremendously overpriced. The roasted, skinned cherry tomatoes were fine and the cheese was really good, but it seemed to be missing fresh basil that is one of the a main ingredients of a caprese salad. For me, even if basil was there, it should have been easier to discern. The red onion and goat cheese bruschetta, recommended by the waiter, was also a letdown. Both Renee’s bruschetta and my bruschetta were blackened. I really don’t care for burnt toast, and wonder why Bar La Grassa thinks serving burnt toast is a good idea. The goat cheese was very good, but the red onions added very little. I would have been happier skipping this course. The orange and roasted cauliflower gnocchi was out of this world, but it contained hot pepper flakes that made the dish spicy by Minnesota standards without any warning on the menu or from the waiter. I did not mind the hot pepper flakes and really enjoyed the delightful gnocchi with all the flavor combinations, but I am afraid that others who order the gnocchi will be caught off guard and unhappy that there is no hint that the dish contains hot pepper flakes. I really liked the salty caramel crespel dessert topped with vanilla ice cream.

Service by our waiter was very good. However, other service was below average. The bread plate on the table sat empty for more than one course, and while we would not have wanted more bread, I was disappointed when they did not ask if we wanted more of their delicious bread. I was also disappointed when they did not ask if I wanted more iced tea (I did) until I was almost done with the main course. It seemed like I was being ignored because I was not ordering enough revenue-producing drinks. But maybe that’s the point; the place was packed with people and Bar La Grassa will continue to thrive as long as the buzz keeps going.














June 19, 2010

$20 and up