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Barbary Fig

720 Grand Ave

St. Paul

     •     Grilled eggplant with feta, tomatoes, and bread (shared) $6.25

     •     Tuna with white beans and Roquefort cheese $13.25

     •     Chocolate hazelnut wrapped in phyllo dough and drizzled with honey $3.50

Barbary Fig is in a converted house on Grand Avenue. The seating for the most part looks to be on the upstairs level, while the kitchen is on the main level. I did feel a bit sorry for the servers, although they all looked in tremendous shape.

The appetizer was my favorite part of the meal, I really liked the eggplant and tomatoes, it was very well prepared. The rest of my meal was not all that impressive. The tuna special was fine, but not great. The dessert was also fine, but not great.

On the other hand, Steve's dishes seemed to be a quite a bit better than mine, so maybe I just picked the wrong things on this night.

     •     Chicken roasted in custard wrapped in pastry crust with vegetables and spices $13.25

     •     North African bread pudding $4.25

We had one of those nights where one of us ordered the right things and the other ordered the wrong things. Usually Renee orders the right things; at Barbary Fig I ordered the right things. Everything I had was good, bordering on great, and reasonably priced.

I was very happy with the chicken roasted in custard-- the succulent chicken was accompanied by a nice variety of vegetables and spices. The flaky pastry crust provided a substantial base. The starter and dessert were both standard, nothing over the top, but good choices nonetheless. It's always difficult following a top restaurant with an everyday restaurant, but I’m confident that the good rating is right given the meal we had.

The service was attentive. The service staff deserves extra kudos for seemingly constantly climbing the stairs from the kitchen on the street level to the dining room on the second level. I didn't hear a single complaint from the staff despite enduring an extensive stairmaster workout.









January 21, 2006