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Beirut Lebanese Restaurant

1385 Robert Street S

West St. Paul

     •     Farrooj - Combination of chicken kabob and falafel. Served with rice and garlic sauce on the side $13.50

I really liked Beirut, but I didn't necessarily love it. Everything I had was standard or better, except for the garlic sauce, I am not sure what that was, but I was not a fan. The falafel was good, not as good as Zakia, the chicken was good, but Crescent Moon is as good and much closer to my house. The pita was standard at best. My house salad was surprisingly good, Steve's tabouli was not anything special. They did have a liquor license which is nice when you have your child with you. Please no emails, it is just sometimes a drink makes it all a little easier...I am not talking getting drunk, just one to take the edge off. The service was very welcoming and helpful.

If I lived in the area, I would probably go there once in awhile, but since I live in NE and I have so many great options here, I will not be going back.

     •     Lahem Mishwe - Cubes of choice lamb, seasoned, skewered and charbroiled with zucchini, onion and green peppers $8.95

A few years ago Renee and I were on a talk radio food show when they were desperate to fill time. I remember saying something profound, that we were not afraid to have a bad meal. Now, there are restaurants that we haven’t been to in our neighborhood. So, I should be the last one to throw stones. But, for gosh sakes, get out there and try something different. Maybe you’ll like it, and maybe you’ll be hooked on Lebanese food for a long time to come. You could move on to try Zakia Deli or Emily’s Lebanese Deli to compare and contrast.

There’s a lot to love about Beirut . The tabouli is fantastic. Fresh and flavorful, it was scrumptious. The rice is amazing, probably because the rice is light and yet heavily buttered. The lamb was cooked medium and a little tough. Overall, it was just okay. The zucchini was in season and delicious. Ambiance is a clean suburban family restaurant, nothing too romantic. Then again, we were there too early for the belly dancers (if there were any performing that night). Service was attentive and very mindful of our son’s limited attention span. When he was taking a bite of tabouli, I expected him to spit it out. The server stopped by and said something sweet, and he was in love with her and the tabouli all at once. I’m sure that’s a big part of why people have fallen in love with Beirut Deli and Restaurant.








Middle Eastern

August 2, 2009