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Cave Vin

5555 Xerxes Avenue S


     •     Mussels with Frites $13.00 (shared)

     •     Alaskan King Crab Gnocchi $22.00

     •     Apple Tarte Tatin with Vanilla Ice Cream $7.25

Cave Vin was really all you would hope for from a neighborhood place, good wine, good food, good ambiance.

The mussels with frites were wonderful, the mussels plump and juicy and the frites crisp and served with an aioli. Yum. They were made for sharing, unless that is all you wanted for your meal which would not be a bad choice in my opinion.

My entree was a bit expensive there were only a few pieces of crab in it. There was plenty of gnocchi, but not really great gnocchi so overall it was good, not great, like I had hoped. The dessert was a very nice rendition of the tarte tatin again nothing amazing, but very nice

     •     Lamb Shank $18.00

This is another case of the tale of two dinners. My entree was fabulous, but Renee was disappointed with hers. I thought the lamb shank was outstanding: perfectly cooked, tender, flavorful. The gnocchi was passable, but the mirepoix put the dish over the top.

We started with high quality, large mussels served with a white wine broth with shallots and garlic. The thin crispy frites on the side were also tasty. I even saw someone at a nearby table order this for their meal.

The apple tarte tatin was good, not great. In retrospect, it should have been better.

I am happy we finally got to Cave Vin, I'm only disappointed we didn't get there sooner. I hope local patrons continue to support this fine neighborhood french restaurant.

Note: Our bill was a little higher than normal because we ordered more wine than usual.








December 22, 2007



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