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CC Club

2600 Lyndale Ave


     •     Chicken Tender Basket w/ bbq sauce

     (Basket includes cole slaw and fries) $7.75

What better place to go on Christmas Eve than CC Club? Well they were open for one.

CC Club was not too busy as one might expect, but there were more people than I expected to see out.

The food was actually quite good, the Chicken Strips were as good as I have had and accompanying fries and BBQ sauce were good. There was plenty of grease to go around, but that is what makes it good right?

     •     CC Burger (w/ bacon, sautéed onions, and choice of cheese) Basket $7.95

Ahhh, the CC Club on Christmas Eve, and we’re reviewing it. So many adjectives come to mind. I’ll let you free associate on your own.

Walking into the CC Club is like taking a step back in time twenty or thirty years. The bar is so timeless. I sat in the booth thinking out loud to Renee, “I wonder who has artistic license in the bar?” They have so many great, classic signs and so many new, soon-to-be-classic signs that someone has a great eye for what goes on the walls.

As for the food, CC Club has reasonably priced, good bar food. If you find yourself at CC Club, do not hesitate to order dinner (although Renee and I were both queasy the next morning, presumably from overeating). The burger was medium well to well done, which is preferable at most bars. The bacon cheddar and sautéed onions were average. Having a signature burger is both a blessing and a curse: if it’s the best in town people will search you out, if it’s average you still have a signature burger.

If you haven’t surmised by now, CC Club is a good neighborhood watering hole, but not the best in town.







Bar and Grill

December 24, 2005