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Cheng Heng

448 University Ave W

St. Paul

     •     Spring Rolls (shared) $3.00

     •     Banh Xiung $5.95

I knew we were in for a good meal, when the cutest little girl ever, insisted on seating us. She was the daughter of the owners and probably about four years old. Very cute.

Things just got better from there. It was a very popular place and the tables were always full during our time there, although I don't think there was ever a wait. It was easy to see why almost obscenely low prices and great food.

The spring roll was amazing. I could have easily have eaten ten of them. The noodle salad topped with beef and a egg roll was just as amazing. The noodles were done to perfection, the broth was great, the beef was nicely seasoned and the egg roll was fabulous. I was a very satisfied customer.

The only thing I regret is I had not gone there yet. I work within lunch distance from there and I am always complaining about no place to go for lunch, well now I have one and a great one at that.

     •     Chha Kroeng Beef $6.25

Cheng Heng is one of the few restaurants where everything we had was wonderful and the prices were low.

The spring rolls were fresh and delicious (and cheap!). The stories are true: they serve a large cup of rice vinegar/carrot/chopped peanut dressing to accompany the simple, flavorful spring rolls.

The chha kroeng in beef was equally excellent. The entree took longer than Renee’s to prepare, but it was worth the wait. The beef was rich and hot, complemented by cooked green peppers and onions, and it was served with a plate of rice. Altogether, it was enough for two meals (what a value!). Cheng Heng is one restaurant I would like to visit again to try other dishes and discover more about Cambodian cuisine.








April 5, 2003