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Copper Hen

2515 Nicollet Ave S


     •     Chicken Pot Pie $16

     •     Boozy Cupcake $5.75

Copper hen has gotten a lot of press lately and deservedly so.  First of all they have a full bar and serve very nice drinks made with locally crafted spirits.  I had the Minnetonic  and it was one of the prettier drinks I have had in a long while it had a sprig of sage, a cranberry and a couple of juniper berries so it looked like a piece of mistletoe.  On top of that the drink actually was quite tasty and strong.

I had the chicken pot pie for my meal.  Now I cook myself and I make a potpie on occasion, and make a pretty good pot pie to boot, but this not even in the same league as mine.  I am pretty sure the sauce was more cream than broth, but that is no doubt what made it so great.  It was incredibly rich, but it was so good I did not stop until it was gone.

I did have dessert as well.  Sadly, they were out of the strawberry chocolate hand pie, because that would no doubt have been amazing.  I got a boozy cake which is a cupcake baked in a mason jar and served with a syringe of booze to inject once you get it.  A little gimmicky to be sure, but memorable.  I did have a bit of everyone else desserts and yes we all had our own...hard not to with the desert case right by the entrance especially when you have a 8 and 5 year old with.  And I could not tell you what anyone of them had, of course that may have something to do with the strong drink and shot of booze in my dessert.

     •     Smoked Chevre Linguini $17

     •     Red Velvet Cupcake  $2.50

Copper Hen was a very good experience.  I enjoyed the space - a remodeled venue on Eat Street.  The host was welcoming and we were seated promptly.  Service was timed well, even during busy dinner service.  The restaurant was busy, a bit noisy, but we could still hold a normal conversation.  

I liked the smoked chèvre linguini.  The caramelized onions and peppers were perfect, the chèvre was tolerable, but the walnuts seemed out of place.  The walnuts themselves were delicious, but they didn’t add or subtract from the linguini.  Likewise, the chèvre was very good, but I kept thinking to myself that there are better cheese pairings with pasta, even if they are more staid and traditional.  I liked the bites of other entrees at the table, and I would have the chicken pot pie or pizza over the linguini if we went back.  The cupcake was good, but not as outstanding as I hoped as we stared at the options when we first arrived.  I hope that they succeed and continue to evolve and improve.  There’s a lot to like about the concept and the talent behind the restaurant, but some of the execution could be better.

If you go, try to get a free spot in the off-street parking in the Truong Thanh parking lot directly across the street.  We parked three blocks away, as there is not much parking available near the restaurant..















February 12, 2016