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1010 Nicollet Avenue


     •     Crab Cakes $12.50 (shared)

     •     Greens with Goat Cheese $8.50

     •     Chitarra Pasta with Summer Squash and Truffles $13.00

     •     Turtle Cake $8.50

We had gone to the Dakota when it was still in St. Paul. Since it has moved to Minneapolis, I had been there for lunch which was good (on the patio, beautiful summer day), but this is our first time there for dinner.

They had a big show that evening so it was packed with people coming in for that, which added to the general energy of the restaurant. A tip for everyone, if you want to go to the big show, but don't necessarily need to see the performers, have dinner there. You get dinner and a show for the price of dinner, the room is split by a simple curtain, so really it is like being at the show.

My meal was good. The crab cakes were very nice and even a little spicy. The salad was standard. The pasta I had was the small version, which was plenty for a serving. It was very good and well worth the smaller price. I ended the meal with a nice rendition of the turtle cake.

I would probably not go back for dinner, everything is good, but nothing is amazing and for the price I would rather go some place else. But if you love jazz and you want to see a show, this clearly is the place to be.

     •     Tomato Soup $9.00

     •     Snapper with Shrimp $28.00

     •     Rootbeer Float $5.50

Despite coming down with an awful late summer cold, I decided to medicate as much as possible and keep our reservations at the Dakota. We haven't been to the Dakota since it was in St. Paul's Bandana Square. I liked the out-of-the-way feel, but the new location does feel hipper, cooler. The jazz is first class (We could hear the first few numbers from the dining room). Although I liked the food I didn't love it. I felt like I was paying a few dollars more to be in the same building and hear cool jazz.

The soup was an excellent chilled tomato soup in the height of tomato season. Smartly planned and well exectued, but the price, ouch. Likewise, the snapper with shrimp were well prepared and high quality, but maybe a few dollars more than you could find elsewhere. The crab cakes got coser on the value spectrum for me given the amount of crab they served.

From the Dakota, expect good good and good jazz, both well executed. It's not altogether cutting edge, you'll be satisfied, just try not to wince when you get the bill.








$20 and up

August 18, 2007


4" Acrylic