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Everest on Grand

1278 Grand Avenue

St. Paul

     •     Momo: Steamed dumplings made from a mixture of vegetables and/or ground meat, mixed with onions, cilantro, and spices. Momo mixture is artfully hand stuffed into pastry and steamed. Momos are served with momo achar - a special house sauce of cilantro, tomato, and other spices that compliments the taste of momos. Meat: Ground pork-turkey mix. $4.80 (shared)

     •     Curries Nepali Style Kurilo: Asparagus cooked with potatoes and tomato. Rice was $1.00 extra $11.95

Everest on Grand is one of the restaurants that has been in our basket forever...I am now disappointed that it took us this long to pick it.

This may be the only Nepali restaurant in the city, and it is quite a treat. I really enjoyed the Momos which were basically dumplings, I have yet to find a dumpling I could not eat, but these were very nice. My entree was excellent as well, it was very hot, which partly my fault. In most restaurants we go to, when we ask for hot we usually do not get truly hot. I am not sure if it is because they take one look at us and decide that we look midwestern and could not handle hot or if it is because they have adjusted their hot for Minnesota either way at Everest when they say hot they mean hot. Next time I go, I will probably only order medium, it was that hot. But somehow the hotness still allowed the flavor to come through this was quite a feat.

This is the kind of restaurant that is worth a trip to try, if only to try Nepali food.

     •     Chau-Chau: Spicy mixture of wheat noodles mixed with following ingredients, sauteed & lightly pan-fried. Chicken: Tender chicken pieces & vegetables $9.95

What better way to spend Prince’s 50th birthday than to eat Nepali food on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul ? Okay, so it wasn’t like seeing the Purple One live in concert, but it costs less and tastes great. They do have one thing in common: hot means hot. At Everest on Grand, the hot is lip-numbing hot. Very hot must be darn near lethal.

I enjoyed the six delightful pieces of ground pork/turkey momo. These are petite steamed dumplings that are accompanied by a delicious dipping sauce, momo achar, that the wait staff cheerfully, er efficiently, leave for you to enjoy with your entrée. The half order was perfect as an appetizer for two.

The Chau-Chau was hot, and upon returning I would order closer to medium. The wheat noodles were fresh and flavorful, and the chicken was tender as advertised. I would recommend this dish to anyone visiting the first time venturing into Everest on Grand because it is very good and like so many other good noodle dishes that it is easy to enjoy. I was not strong enough to order yak on our visit, maybe next time I will be more adventurous.









June 7, 2008