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Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter

8390 Lofton Avenue


     •     Fried Bread Dumplings $5.95 (shared)

     •     Jagerschnitzel - Breaded pork cutlets (2) in a rich mushroom sauce, served with potato dumplings and red cabbage $15.95

     •     German Chocolate Cake $3.95 (shared)

Gasthaus was a fun place to drive to. It is out in the middle of seemingly no where, but really just out side of Stillwater. If it had been a beautiful evening it would have been a fun drive no doubt. But it was freezing rain, so by the time I got there I was in a bad mood. It reminded me a of supper club out in the country with a German decor. It was extraordinarily busy when we arrived at 7 pm. By the time we left at 9 pm the place was pretty quiet though.

Even though we knew better (the portions would no doubt be very large), we decided to order a appetizer. I am glad we did, because it was very good. Not something, you should eat everyday, but very comforting on a cold raining night. My salad that came with the dinner was very good. It had green beans and beets on the lettuce with a very zesty dressing. My entree was even larger than I expected two pork cutlets with the potato dumplings and at least a cup of gravy poured over it all, if not more. The pork itself was very good, very juicy. The gravy was a little salty for my taste and the potato dumplings were rubbery. So overall while there was plenty of food for, oh say, four meals, it wasn't all that good.

I doubt I would go back. With other German restaurants much closer, I don't see the point, but if you are close to the area, or just want the adventure of driving out to it and finding it, then I would suggest going.


     •     Rouladen - a traditional Bavarian favorite. Tender lean beef roll-ups topped with a mustard gravy, served with potato dumplings and red cabbage $15.95

Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter brings with it some high accolades: best German restaurant according to Mpls St Paul Magazine from 1995 through 2002. This may be for lack of competition, and it may be for some things they do well. We haven’t been to the other two major German restaurants in the Twin Cities in a while, so it’s hard to compare Gasthaus with Gasthoff zur Gemutlichkeit and the Black Forest Inn. From what I remember, all three are comparable in service and food quality. It’s probably up to you to decide if you’re in the mood for German food and choose the closest of the three. That said, you may want to check out Gasthaus or Gasthoff for Oktoberfest, and Gasthaus may be a little cheaper than the other two.

Our meal at Gasthaus started with the surprisingly good bread dumplings. I really didn’t expect much out of the dumplings, thinking how good could these be? They were excellent, and I would recommend them to groups of four or more. (Note: we bypassed the five herring appetizer selections on the menu. If you love herring, this may be a place to check out.)

The clam chowder was also quite good; it had a meaty flavor not found in most clam chowders. My only complaint with the soup (and the entree) was that it seemed too salty for my taste. The Rouladen was topped with mustard gravy that tasted much better than Renee’s mushroom sauce, though the gravy was likely the culprit for being too salty. The gravy approximated many barbecue sauces I’ve had over the past few years, though not tangy. The beef roll-ups themselves were three thin slices of beef each encircling slice of carrot and green pepper. Overall, it was a good presentation and tasted good as well.

We were both impressed with the red cabbage, but sorely disappointed with the potato dumplings. The red cabbage was basic cabbage with vinegar, nothing fancy, but good nonetheless. The potato dumplings had a spongy, rubbery texture that neither of us liked. I prefer that potato dumplings go one way or the other: light and fluffy or dense and thick. The potato dumplings at Gasthaus left us wanting something different.

I liked the German chocolate cake, and at $3.95, it was a bargain if you can handle cake after a meal of heavy German food.









January 4, 2003