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George and the Dragon

813 West 50th St


     •     Fish and Chips $13

George and the Dragon has a great name, the boys loved the idea of going here, especially since we had just been the Amazing Castle exhibit at the Children's Museum the day before. They also both enjoyed their meal tremendously. It really is a kid friendly "pub". I am not sure I would call it a pub, it really seemed more like a restaurant to me than a bar, but I guess it did serve alcohol so in that sense maybe.

Now on to my meal, I am not sure why I order fish and chips, since I will always compare them to Anchor and I am pretty sure no one else can win that battle. So I am now making a commitment to not order fish and chips anyplace else. But that does not help in this case. They were ok, pretty salty. I remember hearing a complaint that Anchor was not salty enough, but too salty is worse than not salty enough to me anyhow.

However whatever we thought about it, the neighborhood seems to like it. It was packed by the time we left so it is filling a need.

     •     Bangers and Mash $13

George & the Dragon was, well, okay. I enjoyed the Old Speckled Hen draught beer on the nitrogen tap system. But the bangers and mash were, well, bangers and mash. My entree was billed as Irish Whiskey banger, but I could not taste the Irish Whiskey, or much of anything, in the bangers. The potatoes were basic, and the single onion ring was a nice touch. But the sauce did not add anything. Overall, the entree was pretty bland. I wasn't that impressed with Renee's fish and chips. The kid's mac & cheese and buttered noodles were the highlight meals, and it is kind of depressing when mac & cheese and buttered noodles are the highlight meals.

If you go, parking on the street is scarce. The decor is a mix of modern and arts and crafts; it is comfortable and new. We were early and seated immediately, but there was a wait by the time we left. I couldn't help thinking two things while we were there: one is that it is too bad that there is no longer a restaurant of the caliber of Heidi's at that location, the second is that it is too bad that people are not driving a couple of miles to the Eat Street area where the waits are shorter and the food options are better.















October 13, 2012