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Gogi Bros

6407 City W Pkwy

Eden Prairie

     •     Mandu $8.25(shared)

     •     Japchae $13.95

This was a bit of a disappointment.  It was a long drive for us, so that did not help, but the food was mediocre Korean.  Not a lot of spice, very bland.  There are many better places int he metro area and many that are much closer to us.

My japchae was bland and boring.  It did have nice fresh vegetables and was a bit better as leftovers the next day as I was able to add a little spice and it perked up immendsely.  The potstickers were average.  My son's burger was the highlight, we did not ahve the slaw etc on it, but the patty was very flavorful and the fries were excellent.

     •     Bulgogi $15/95

Gogi Bros. is a brick and mortar location of a food truck of the same name and genre.  The food is generally good, but not great.  There are better Korean restaurants in the Twin Cities, but this place has the opportunity to improve over time to become a staple in the southwest metro.  As Renee put it, you look across the parking lot at Campiello, and you think, maybe some families will think to themselves that they’ve been to the same Italian restaurant dozens of times and they might want to try Korean some day.  That didn’t happen on the night we were there; there was only one other table with three young Asian women.  Slow, but maybe they pick up as the night goes on and/or do more business at lunch.

The mandu (fried dumplings) were good, and they were a hit with hungry kids.  The price was a little on the high side, but acceptable.  It would have been nice to have a ten piece option for the family (at a slight per piece discount).  The bulgogi was okay, not outstanding, and I’ve had much better at several other locations in the Twin Cities.  I would not avoid the bulgogi if you are there and in the mood for bulgogi, but I would not drive across town for the bulgogi, either.  The banchan (side dishes) were uniformly good and standard banchan, but like the bulgogi, not outstanding.  My tastes of the fried rice and hamburger were good.  The hamburger was the highlight, which is a little disappointing.  Altogether, I hope they improve steadily.

Other comments.  Parking is plentiful at night in their strip mall parking lot.  Service is very good, but it's hard to say what it’s like at peak times because it wasn’t busy at all when we were there.  The decor is nice, but not extravagant.  They just opened in November and they appeared to have some work left to do: a fountain was not yet working, and I wasn’t sure if they were going to tile or carpet the floor or leave it as is.  Still, pretty good for a team that’s used to operating a food truck and not used to making remodeling decisions.















February 5, 2016