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Great Wall Chinese

4515 France Avenue


     •     Steamed Dumplings (6) $5.95 (shared)

     •     Prawn vs. prawn (spicy and tangerine)$14.95

Luckily this restaurant is very big. We arrived without reservations on Saturday around 6:30 pm and the parking lot was packed and people were even parked on the street, so we got a little worried. It was very busy, but they still had plenty of room. It is in a strip mall so not a very exciting space and the decorations were what is expected of a typical chinese restaurant.

The food, however, was very good. The dumplings were a little chewy and heavy, but that is the way I like them. The prawn vs. prawn was a great dish a sweet side and a spicy side. I enjoyed it very much.

However, this is not a restaurant I would necessarily drive across town to. There are plenty of other Chinese restaurants of this quality around town and there are a few nearer to me. However, if that happens to be the neighborhood that you live and you enjoy Chinese food than please try it, but then you probably have and were there when we were on Saturday.

     •     Hunan Triple Crown (Lobster, shrimp, prawns) $15.50

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant comes with some high accolades. It has been named reader’s choice for best Chinese restaurant from at least 1992-2001. With their location in south Minneapolis and their comprehensive menu, it’s easy to see how they succeed.

I wouldn’t say that Great Wall is the best in the Twin Cities, but it’s a very good Chinese restaurant. It’s a little old school when it comes to the decor, right down to the paper place mats with the description of Chinese years (Year of the Dragon, Rabbit, Dog, etc.).

The steamed dumplings were standard fare. They were neither spectacular nor poor, like dozens of other steamed dumplings I’ve had at Asian restaurants. If you like steamed dumplings, these are the classic variety.

The Hunan Triple Crown consisted of lobster, scallops, and prawns. I’ll have to be honest, I expected more out of this dish. It was good, but not excellent. I would not hesitate to order it, but also would not drive across town for this entree. Each of the seafood items was o.k., though the scallops may have been a little overdone. The sauce was also just o.k. If I went back, I would order one of the tangerine sauce entrees (half of the Prawn vs. Prawn), which I thought were very good and unique.

If you live in the neighborhood, support Great Wall. If you live in Oakdale, it’s probably not worth the drive.









January 11, 2003