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Haute Dish

119 Washington Ave N


     •     Tomato Salad $14

     •     Mac and Cheese $15 (shared)

     •     Rabbit and Carrot $26

     •     Peaches and Cream Crumble $7 (shared)

Haute dish was a pleasant surprise. I haven't heard a lot about it at least not the "omg you have to go there" type of buzz, I am not sure why not. It really was great.

I had the tomato salad although I have had many tomato salads (both at home and in restaurants) this was by far the best one. It was an amazing array of textures and flavors and the tomatos were perfect. Yum. The mac and cheese another dish I have had a thousand times (I have a 2 1/2 year old at home after all), was nothing like anything I have ever had. Even if I compare it to the not from a box kind that I have had, it doesn't even compare. Delectable. My rabbit was again the best rabbit I have had, and yes, I actually grew up having rabbit a quite a bit and this elevated it to something I might actually want to have from time to time. The dessert was well executed, but a week later I am having a challenge remembering it (unlike the other dishes) so it was not as memorable.

The other thing to note is the portions were quite large, so if you are the kind of person who hates going to fancy restaurants because you don't feel the portions are big enough. This is the place for you. The woman next to me said she was full after her salad, and while she was probably a size 2 and it may have been true. I was actually full mid way through my rabbit and really did not have room for dessert. Did I stop at that point in time? Of course not. Which is probably one of the reasons I am not a size 2.

It is worth the drive from any where in the metro.

     •     French Onion Soup $6

     •     Tater Tot Haute Dish $19

One gripe: the wait staff says they pronounce their name “Hot Dish.” If you’re going to have a funny French play on words that I absolutely adore, by all means, use the French pronunciation for Haute (the first syllable in Houghton for those familiar with the U.P.). A second comment: maybe it is a good date place once you get inside, but really, it’s two doors down from a strip club and the eponymously named Sex World. It didn’t bother me and a younger generation, but I could see where others might be bothered by it. A third comment: contrast this with Barrio, in the heart of downtown, where everyone is beautiful or trying to be beautiful, even if the bartenders and servers don’t perfectly pull it off in attitude or physique (as if I should talk). Haute Dish is down-to-earth and pretentious in its food at the same time, but the location dictates that the pretentiousness ends there. In other words, foodies will seek out Haute Dish, but the beautiful people will go to Barrio or Bar La Grassa.

Okay, enough of the side comments. The onion soup was okay. It was the “soup of the moment,” and it fits well with the restaurant’s upper Midwest bent. The onion soup was sweeter than your traditional onion soup, which was distracting and detracting. Also, there was a block of hard cheese swimming in the middle instead of the traditional cheese melted over the top and hardened. The Mac & Cheese with king crab, talleggio, and truffle was truly outstanding. Mac & Cheese will never be the same. The price may throw you off, but order it anyway. The Tater Tot Haute Dish is the namesake dish and deservedly so. The short ribs taste slow cooked and succulent. The porcini béchamel ‘tots’ are inspired accompaniments. The delicious green beans delight (and I thought they were no longer in season). The peaches and cream crumble was good and fit in well with the overall arc of the meal.

Allons-y à Haute Dish!














$20 and up

September 24, 2010