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J. D. Hoyts

301 Washington Ave N


     •     Caesar Salad (shared) $6.00

     •     1/2 Rack of Ribs $16.50

Probably close to ten years ago, we did go to this restaurant. We decided to go back to review since we heard they had redecorated. They did a great job with the redecorating. It is now a much lighter and sunnier restaurant. I don't really remember what the food was like when we were there before and I think in about a month I will not remember what the food was like now.

The caesar salad was average and priced too high. The ribs were not bad, but they were not that great. The hash browns were close to terrible. We did get the spicy ones, so perhaps this was our mistake, but the spice they put on it, really did not add taste and it really didn't add spice, from what I can tell it mainly added color. The hash brown were very greasy as well.

     •     Filet Tenderloin $17.00

I disagree slightly with Renee on the remodeling at J. D. Hoyt’s. The new decor is much brighter, which was sorely needed. However, it seems like the booths remind me more of a family restaurant or a Perkins more than a steakhouse or supper club. That, added with televisions in the dining room, and I believe they could have done a much better job with their space.

The service was o.k., though it felt at times like the employee morale was pretty low. Our server wasn’t rude, but wasn’t friendly, either. It seemed like the manager was the person most interested in our dining experience, though his attitude didn’t make it down to the rest of the staff.

The filet tenderloin was good. It was properly prepared and the cut was satisfactory. I agree with Renee on the hash browns - despite the server’s recommendation, I would stay away from the spiced hash browns. They were also on the greasy side, which would make for decent after-bar food, but just greasy before-bar food.









July 27, 2002