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Kona Grill

11997 Singletree Lane

Eden Prairie

     •     Avocado Egg Roll $9.75

     •     salmon $21

Kona Grill is clearly a popular place and Steve and I had a discussion when he said he would not come back here for sushi - what if he lived in Eden Prairie? He said maybe, but from where we live he would be driving by 20 better places on his way. And that is pretty much the way I felt about my meal as well. That said, everything I had was fine. The Salmon was actually probably above average, the fried rice though on the side was just ok. Overall, it was pretty pricy for what it was. I am not sure there is a better place in the area, but I will not be back

     •     Wave Roll $8.50

     •     Pad Thai $15.50

The Kona Grill is found in an unassuming strip mall and office building across from the Eden Prairie Center. Thankfully, there was no sign of Ben Affleck or Shannen Doherty anywhere in the vicinity when we visited. The decor inside is fresh and modern with some fantastic-looking saltwater fish tanks. On the way out of the restaurant, we saw a group of four people each looking intently at their own smartphone, unaware of our passing by or the saltwater fish tank. They were probably each posting a status update at the Kona Grill, or maybe playing Words with Friends.

Anyhow, the sushi was not that great at Kona Grill. When I said that I wouldn't come here for the sushi, Renee stopped me reminding me that we were in a strip mall in Eden Prairie. Then I added that we would pass twenty very good sushi restaurants on the way. So, as much as I'm sure that you're enjoying me recount our conversation from the evening, you probably want me to get to the point already. I tried the wave roll based on the server's recommendation that the kona rolls were more interesting than the traditional rolls. But, the wave roll was dull and uninspired, and the shrimp tempura added a crispy texture that reminded you that you should be paying attention, but then you quickly succumbed to the mediocrity of the flavor-challenged roll. I was surprised by the Kikkoman soy sauce served with the sushi that I have not seen at a sushi restaurant in ages.

The pad thai noodles were surprisingly good after the sushi. The chicken was decent, and the noodles were hot and spiced well. The serving size was large. Kona Grill does not rank compared to the top pad thai restaurants, but it was good.

Kona Grill might be worth trying if you live nearby, but not worth a long drive.












Pan Asian



April 22, 2012


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