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Lao Thai

501 University Ave W

St. Paul

     •     Spring Rolls (shared) $3.95

     •     Shrimp with cashews $8.95

Lao Thai is a great hole in the wall restaurant, although it is not really a hole in the wall it is actually fairly big, it is a bit run down, not to the point where you are scared to sit down, but you wonder what your meal is going to be like.

The good news is the food if very good, it is not the best Thai restaurant in the cities, but it is right up there. The spring rolls were nice, a bit big...stuffed with filler, but the ingredient were fresh and I felt like I had got my money's worth. My shrimp and cashews was great...wonderful flavor and plenty of food.

     •     Shrimp and squid with basil $8.95

Lao Thai’s food is surprisingly good. The spring rolls, while filled mostly with lettuce, are large and tightly wrapped. The accompanying dipping sauce is very good.

The shrimp and squid with basil was also quite good. There is a generous portion of seafood along with the normal vegetables in Thai food. I was happy with the quality of the seafood and the overall flavors. Given the décor and surroundings, I was hesitant to order beef or chicken, not knowing if the quality would be acceptable.

Lao Thai is located in an old family restaurant, like a Perkins or Baker’s Square, which is very run down. I would call it a hole in the wall, but that would be too generous. It’s a big place that needs some serious work. It probably should be gutted given the serious funky odors that come from mildew and probably a leaky ceiling. The walls would need a few coats of paint if they don’t gut the place. The carpet, chairs, and tables have outlived their useful lives. This would make a better break-up restaurant than first date restaurant. I’m not sure I can recommend dining in, but take out might be a good option for those living or working nearby.









July 1, 2006