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Lindy's Prime Steak House

3610 Old Snelling Avenue North

Arden Hills

     •     Garlic Bread

     •     Salad

     •     Prime Steak $19.95

Most people who have not been here can not believe what we experienced at this restaurant. There are no reservations which should not be a huge problem. We and our friend Bobbi all arrived at the restaurant at 7:30 on a beautiful Saturday evening. It really has a quite charming exterior. Even though it is in the middle of the city it looks and feels like a northern Minnesota resort supper club. The decor follows through to the interior wood paneling and the works. We were told there would be about a half an hour wait, so we spent some time at the bar. About 45 minutes later they were seated.

As they were seated a man brought over a moveable placecard, like the kind you find at the door saying wait to be seated, but this had the entire menu on it. The menu consisted of three things. Lindy's Special Steak ($21.95), Lindy's Prime Steak(19.95) and Lindy's Chopped steak(14.95).

Each entree came with salad (ice berg lettuce, tomato and cucumber with dressing of your choice), a dish of hash browns and garlic bread. So there was no choices except for the salad dressing. The wine lovers faired no better, they had a choice of red, white or pink wine. All of this would have been fine and well if they were selling great steaks for cheap prices. But the steaks were not cheap by most standards. And while the steaks were done exactly as ordered and were of good quality, they were not great.

As you may guess as soon as they were partly done with their steaks the servers asked if there was anything else they needed, brought the doggie bag and the check. There is no dessert offered.

I am rather puzzled by the popularity of this restaurant. No choices, o.k. steaks and high prices and people will wait 45 minutes to an hour for that? Amazing. It must be one of those unexplainable mysteries.

     •     Lindy's Special Steak $21.95

No appetizers or desserts. Lindy's serves only steaks, and only three choices of steak. I had Lindy's special steak, which was okay, but the sides were awful. Even at $21.95 all-inclusive, the value is fair.

There is little atmosphere in the loud restaurant. The service was fair (how much service is there with three steaks on the placard-menu?), and the wait was forty minutes. The wait was rather long for a fair restaurant.









May 1, 1999