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Mango Thai

610 Selby Ave

St. Paul

     •     Crab Avacado Roll (shared) $6.50

     •     Mahi Mahi in Green Curry Special $16.95

This is the first place that we have been that I actually felt a bit unwelcome with my son. Which I think is fair, not every restaurant needs to or should welcome children with open arms, and we have actually divided our basket into two since our son has been joining us, restaurants he can come with and ones we think it is probably best he did not. I had put this one in the former since it was Thai and seemed casual enough from the website, but I may have been mistaken. It is an extremely small restaurant so I understand that to take up a spot with a two year old who may or may not be well behaved is a stretch. Even though we did arrive at 5pm which is our usual time when we go with child in hopes of missing the rush and not bugging too many people if things get out of hand. Also I think the person seating us was new, so it may have been a bit more of just not sure what to do as opposed to not really welcoming us. Anyway it was a bit awkward at the door.

The food here was really good, or at least my food was really good. The mahi mahi was cooked well and the green curry that was served with it was perfect for me, the right combination of spice, sweetness and savoriness. I really enjoyed it. However, it was bit spicy for my son so he was not a fan. This was a place we should have ordered something separate for him and asked for no spicing of it. I was not a fan of the crab avacado roll. The presentation was very nice, but it was not quite what I expected it to be. It was like a crab cake in a egg roll wrapper deep fried, served on top of greens with an avacado sauce on top. No component was bad, it was just not quite what I expected. Also they did not dress the greens underneath so it was just a pile of greens to eat, which is pet peeve of mine.

Overall I like Mango Thai and if I lived in the neighborhood it would probably be my go to Thai place.

     •     Pad Thai $10.95

I was impressed with the location and appearance of Mango Thai, but I am less than enthusiastic about their food. The interior is beautifully done with earthy décor, and this would make a good first date place in that regard. It’s small and quaint, seating only about 30, and charming in the Cathedral Hill sort of way. We ordered the crab avocado rolls, which were pricey for rolls, but they did serve three rolls split in half instead of the customary two over a bed of fresh greens. The crab was decent, and the sauce was nice, but combined the flavors did not ‘pop’ for me. I ordered pad thai, again, maybe a compulsion by this point or just plain masochism, and I still am searching for a better-than-so-so pad thai. This was a little below so-so in my book, although I do compliment Mango Thai for adding a mango or orange flavor to the pad thai that was different, although for me it was more distracting than complementary. On the kid friendliness side, they were accommodating, but Renee and I both separately felt that this was the first place we’ve been to in a year and a half with our son that really wasn’t inviting for children because of its small space, nice décor, and menu. Needless to say, we both felt the urge to finish and get out before the rush. Depending on your perspective, that’s a good or bad thing, and probably a good thing if you’re looking for a first date place.












Thai Fusion



January 30, 2010