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Manny's Tortas

1515 E Lake St


     •     Cubano $6.50 (shared)

     •     Manny's Special $6.95 (shared)

This is a place I have been meaning to go to for awhile, many people I know can not believe I have not yet checked this out, and now I know why.

They have two locations, we went to the one in Mercado Central, the original location and I am glad we did, it was my first time there as well. I know, I know.

It was simply a walk up counter, much like a food court in any mall, but the food was nothing like the food you would find in a food court in any other major shopping mall.

I am not even a big sub/sandwich eater, but these were great, better than my previous favorite of the Big Ten Subs, which I ate too many of during my college years. These a bit different style, and a amazing. Since they cut them in half we each took a half of sub so I got a good taste of each one, I would give the edge to the Manny's Special, although both were great in their own way.

Manny's special was bit sloppier and harder to eat, but it was well worth the effort. The cubano was a bit neater and really very good in its own right. Both had a great combination of ingredients that just melted together and harmonized perfectly.

Take a step out of the Midwest, south of the border, into Mercado Central. Mercado Central is an indoor mall containing a variety of Hispanic goods—clothing, food, and sundries. It’s a typical mall in that you can linger if you like or you can move right along. Manny’s Tortas is no more than a storefront and the dining area is a food court. What Mercado Central lacks in décor it makes up in style.

The Manny’s Special is a little slice of heaven. It’s a made-to-order grilled steak and ham sandwich on a French roll that is what every Philly Sandwich should be. The bread doesn’t get soggy, and the avocado, onion, and jalapenos add plenty of zip (I skipped the chipotle pepper mayo, but I’m sure it’s good, too). Manny’s Tortas may very well make the best sandwiches in the Twin Cities.









April 2, 2005