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Manny's Steak

9th and Marquette


     •     Crab Cake $9.95 (shared)

     •     Lobster $44.00

     •     Brownie Cake $14.95 (shared)

Manny's is one of the most venerable steak houses in Minneapolis and with good cause. If you want steak then by all means come to Manny's, if don't want steak then don't go to Manny's because even though they serve other dishes, and charge $30 a plate for them, they make it clear that steak is the only real choice.

I actually like a good steak, but not that often. I think many people feel the same as I do and I know a lot of people who would rather eat their arm than a steak. What about these people? What if their significant other just loves steak? Should they not be able to go to a restaurant like Manny's and have other options?

We have been to all the other major downtown steak houses and I have never felt quite the attitude that Manny's displayed. They did have other options on the written menu, but on the cart they bring around they had the lobster option (which was an approved choice) at $22 per pound and a salmon option which was "the obligatory fish option, but this is a steak house". When I am paying $30 for a plate a food, I do not want to feel that what I order is not approved.

I had the lobster. I really wanted to try the shrimp because I wanted to see how they were, but this was our anniversary and I thought I would splurge with the lobster, I did not take the recommended lobster however which was a New Zealand Lobster Tail quite large, but $99.95. Nope, couldn't do it. My lobster was great. Fresh killed lobster usually is hard to screw up, but to their credit it was perfectly done. The crab cakes I was not so impressed with, they were really salty with a lot of filler. When I was trying to figure out what it tasted like, Steve said Stove Top Stuffing and that was it. The crab cakes at Manny's tasted like Stove Top Stuffing.

The dessert was insane it was a quarter of a two layer cake, covered with 6 inches of whipped cream and fudge sauce and butterscotch poured on it. It tasted ok, I have had better desserts. It was way too large and actually obscenely so. In fact, the two tables on either side of us were considering ordering dessert, but once they saw this they both chose not to. I know Manny's makes plenty of money with out dessert sales but, if they were more reasonable maybe they could make even more. Or at least warn the table of twos that this is too large for a mere two people.

     •     10 oz Filet $28.95

Manny’s does one thing right. The filet mignon was one of the best I’ve ever had, and it was the most tender I’ve ever had. It was perfectly medium rare. The cut was juicy; it seemed to melt in my mouth.

After that, it’s hard to find anything that’s truly amazing, except the portions and the prices. We started with the crab cakes, which were large, though not particularly great. After extensive crab cake research, we’ve come to prefer smaller and simpler crab cakes. The best we’ve found contain plenty of crab meat and are accompanied by a distinctive, complementary sauce. The crab cakes were overly salty and seemed to include a copious amount of filler. Manny’s crab cake sauce was only a mustard-mayo combination, which we found simple, but uninspired and not enough to compensate for average crab cakes.

The hash brown with onion side dish covered a full plate. It was a boring plate of hash browns that could have been resurrected had they done something interesting with the onions, like fry them or caramelize them before putting them in the hash browns.

The brownie dessert was enough to feed six, as someone at the table next to us commented. Sure it was good, but two two-inch layers of a quarter section of a nine-inch diameter brownie was too much. After dumping a pint of whipping cream, macadamia nuts, a cup of caramel, and a cup of hot fudge, and it was enough to make you nauseous. We left stuffed, though not exactly happy.








$20 and up

September 15, 2001


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