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Matt's Bar

3500 Cedar Avenue


     •     Grilled Chicken Sandwich $4.50 (shared)

     •     Jucy Lucy (shared) $4.15

     •     French Fries (full order) (shared) $3.00

I must say I was bit disappointed with Matt's Bar. I have heard so much about it that I expected something more. Either I expected it to be a real dive, it was a dive, but not a real one or I expected the jucy lucy to be so amazing that I would fall off my chair.

We ended up ordering a chicken and jucy lucy and splitting them both along with the fries. I am not sure why we have not thought about this before, we usually get a taste of each others, but not a whole 1/2. I am not sure if this will become a practice, but maybe. The chicken was surprisingly good. I expected very little from it, but if I went back, I would order it instead of a jucy lucy. The jucy lucy was just not all it was said to be it is two hamburgers with the cheese on the inside rather than the top. I say big deal. I know, I just don't get it. So I will just leave it at that. The fries were good, but not great.

I think if you work in the area or play sports in the area it is a great place to go for a beer and maybe some food, but other than that, I am not sure I get it all the hype.

Matt’s Bar is your no-frills type of place. They serve a decent sandwich and fries with cold beer at a reasonable price and voila, they become legendary. The decor is surprisingly bright and non-smoky for what appears to be a dive bar when you first walk in. But then you notice that all of the upholstery on the booths and barstools is in good shape, everything looks well kept, and you wonder if you’re in a parallel universe in south Minneapolis.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Jucy Lucy at Matt’s Bar that Renee and I split. Compared to the 5-8 Club, you don’t get your choice of cheese and it’s not quite the two quarter-pound patties. But that can be overlooked when they aren’t trying to be gourmet and they deliver the food hot to the table right away. I thought the Jucy Lucy was a good, basic burger. It was nothing fancy, but I could see craving one a few months down the road.

This isn’t fast food, as evidenced by the price of a basic cheeseburger, but they do serve the Jucy Lucy wrapped in waxed paper. The server gently reminded me that the cheese would be very hot, so we ate the French fries first. We split a full order of the fries, which were good, though I would suggest splitting a half order for lesser appetites.

We also split the grilled chicken sandwich that was equally good. With Matt’s Bar, you must remember that the wait time can be long at peak times, and it’s not always worth the drive or the wait. But when the wait is short, it’s good, and definitely worth trying given their celebrity status. As their motto says, "Fear the Cheese!"






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March 5, 2005