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Mediterranean Cruise Cafe

3945 Sibley Memorial Highway


     •     Saganaki Opa (flaming cheese) $7.95 (shared)

     •     Spanakopita Platter $11.95

The flaming cheese was by far the highlight of the meal and by that I mean the flaming not necessarily the cheese. The side highlight was a the guy at the next table who on Christmas Eve was bragging to his extended family about making a salesperson cry. Really? How sad was that? Well about as sad as the entire meal.

I think we are really lucky to live where we do very close to Holyland which while not Greek per se had all the components I had and all of them are many times better than at this restaurant. Even the pita bread which if they had gotten from Holyland and it was four days old would have been better.

It was sad, because the family who owned it seemed awfully nice and I really wanted to enjoy my meal, but I just didn't.

     •     Kababi with meatballs $15.95

My personal theory is that Mediterranean Cruise Cafe gave up on being an authentic Greek restaurant years ago. You would probably get a better steak or hamburger here than Greek, as we found out. The ambiance is like a converted Country Kitchen with a full bar replete with regulars. We overheard interesting conversation from a family at the next table. Someone who looked like the restaurant owner joked that the credit card had been denied. The credit card was not denied, but that didn't stop the patriarch from launching into a story about the last time his visa was denied for a large purchase and how irate he was with the customer service rep. Needless to say, I'm not sure I would have retold that story if my credit card was denied.

The flaming cheese is always a cool presentation, and this was a pretty good appetizer. Unfortunately, that was the highlight of the meal.

The salad was iceberg lettuce with a bad tasting olive and below average feta. The Kababi with meatballs was bland, although it was a large portion. I just hope people aren't turned off Greek food by this place.









December 24, 2007


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