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Midori’s Floating World Cafe

3011 27th Ave S


     •     Edamame $3.75 (shared)

     •     Shrimp and vegetable tempura with Udon noodles $9.75

First I love the name, I don't necessarily get it, but it sounds like a place one should simply go to.

The atmosphere is not much, but yet it is charming in its own way, there are small touches that are unique and fun.

Of course, when the food is this good, you really don't need any atmosphere, I would have been happy to eat this sitting on a bucket with a plywood table.

The edamame was great as was the noodles and tempura and the value was pretty extraordinary when you take in consideration the quantity and the quality.

They also have a tea selection that is leaps and bounds above any I have ever seen in a restaurant before.

     •     Hotate (scallop) nigiri sushi $4.50

     •     Wakame (seaweed) with Soba noodles $7.75

Midori's may be the only Japanese restaurant in town that is 1/2 sushi bar, 1/2 tea heaven, and 1/2 Mel’s Diner.

The edamame was excellent. Don’t pass it up here, and it’s good for you.

The hotate (scallop) nigiri sushi was good, but less than what I’ve had elsewhere at a similar price. Don’t go here for the sushi, but don’t avoid it either.

The wakame (seaweed) with soba noodles was very good. It’s only a bowl of noodles, but it really fills you up. For the price, it’s a great menu option.

The tea list is the star here. They offer several Chinese, Japanese, green, herbal, iced (“coolers”), and you-name-it tea. None of the fancy-shmancy Japanese restaurants we’ve been to can match Midori’s list.

One word of caution should you go: parking is difficult. It’s street parking, and they’re near Minnehaha Liquors and a Latino dance club. All the street spots were taken the night we went, so we parked 1 1/2 blocks away at the Rainbow Foods lot. We figured that few people were grocery shopping that late, and we parked away from the entrance. I hope no one was inconvenienced.









June 12, 2004