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Ping's Szechuan

1401 Nicollet


     •     Szechuan Wontons $5.50(shared)

     •     Sea Harvest in a Nest $16.95

Upscale Chinese in downtown Minneapolis. It has a great location, which is no doubt what has kept it in business for as long as it has been. Right next to a bunch of hotels, so people from out of town looking for Chinese food can go right across the street to get their fix.

Unfortunately, it wasn't all that good especially for the price. My dish was unique in the presentation it was served in a "nest" of deep fried potato strings. This may have actually also have added to the taste of the dish if it hadn't been fried in old oil. The seafood was done to correct doneness so that was great, however the sauce was not all that good. I also left with a headache, which may be attributed to the MSG or possibly the annoying people at the table next to us.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend it. We live in a city with a bunch of great Asian restaurants and few really good Chinese ones, choose one of those.

     •     Hunan Triple Crown $14.95

I don’t think that Renee really likes Chinese food, or at least mainstream American Chinese food. MSG will turn her off right away, and she demands the freshest ingredients. I guess that isn’t too unreasonable. But many Twin Cities Chinese restaurants don’t pass these two tests. Ping’s failed the MSG test, and the ingredients test was acceptable in my book.

I tend to be more forgiving toward Chinese restaurants. As long as the price is reasonable, the atmosphere is tolerable, and the food isn’t terrible, I’m o.k. with the restaurant. Don’t get me wrong; Ping’s was acceptable, but not fantastic. It probably falls somewhere between fair and good in my book, and I would go back if a group of people really wanted to go there for Chinese food. If you’re searching for great Chinese food, start elsewhere, and try Ping’s along the way.









March 9, 2002