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Red’s Savoy Inn and Pizza

421 E. 7th Street

St. Paul

     •     Garlic Cheese Toast w/ sauce (2 slices) (shared) $5

     •     Large Special Pizza (Sausage, Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Green Olives, Onions, Green Peppers) (shared) $15

Pizza is one of those things that I think grows on you and if you grew up with a certain kind of pizza you like that kind of pizza. Red Savoy's pizza is the american kind of pizza, not the Neapolitan wood fired. So this is the kind that most people in Minnesota grew up with.

I think for this style of pizza it was good, I have my personal favorite and this is not it, but only because this is not what I grew up with. This seems to be comparable to Tasty Pizza or Carbone's, it is thinner crust with lots of toppings and lots of cheese. The place itself was a bit divey, but that added to the charm.

Overall I would not drive across town for it, since every neighborhood has a joint like this, but if you are in the area and craving good old american pizza this may be the place.

Red’s Savoy Inn and Pizza is a throwback bar and pizza joint circa 1970’s. The biggest changes in ambiance in the past thirty years include a big screen TV and going smoke-free. I doubt the servers have changed in that time, either. They are efficient and curt, but professional. They know they’ll have people waiting for pizza most of the night, and they know they have to keep things moving to keep everyone mostly happy. But a pitcher of beer and a big screen TV will keep most people occupied during the wait for a table and the 30-45 minute wait for pizza.

The pizza itself is really good bar pizza. If we lived in the area, this might be our take-out pizza. The crust is only thick enough to support the mammoth portions of cheese and toppings. We got the special, which was a good combination. Even then, it was a fork-eating pizza because the toppings were too heavy and would have fallen off the crust. I was disappointed with the canned mushrooms, but that’s what you get with bar pizza. They tend to cook the pizza a little longer than most, giving the cheese a bubbling, golden brown texture. Renee described the sauce as having anti-taste, and I can see her point. It’s decent sauce, but it’s a plain sauce spiced up with hot peppers. Better sauces have a better mix of spices that give it a complex flavor.

Everyone says that Red’s Savoy Inn and Pizza is the best in the Twin Cities. It might be the best in its class of bar pizzas, but it’s not as good as Neapolitan rivals Pizza Nea and Punch. It’s not as good as designer pizza rival Pizza Luce. It’s not as good as deep dish pizza rival Green Mill. It’s definitely better than national delivery chains, and it’s better than the local or regional delivery pizza that I have had. Despite what everyone says, the ambiance is the selling point here: smoke-free, family-friendly, nostalgic, and bustling. The bonus is that the pizza is really good bar pizza.









June 16, 2006