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Salsa a la Salsa

1420 Nicollet Avenue


     •     Camerones a la Diabla $11.95

     •     Pineapple Tamale $4.99

What more can one ask for than good margaritas and excellent Mexican food? Not much and that is what you get at Salsa a la Salsa.

I really enjoyed my shrimp, they were very spicy and not just Minnesota spicy which was a great change of pace. I really like spicy food and can take the real stuff, so I am always glad when I find it.

I also really liked the pineapple tamale, I have never had a sweet tamale before. I am not sure why you don't see them all the time, it was very good with the contrast of the corn dough and sweetness.

Overall if I am in the neighborhood I may return, but we do have some pretty good Mexican in our neighborhood as well, so I would not necessarily make a special trip over there.

     •     Pollo Chiltepin $10.95

     •     Orange Caramel Flan $3.99

I thought Salsa a la Salsa was good, but there are many better neighborhood Mexican restaurants in the Twin Cities. Maybe my frame of reference is off a little, because many of those neighborhood Mexican restaurants offer food a little cheaper and still quite good. At Salsa a la Salsa, you are paying for the atmosphere, location near downtown Minneapolis, and a full bar.

That said, you may not find Chicken Chiltepin on most neighborhood menus. This dish is billed as very hot, though I found it medium hot on our visit (Renee’s dish was very hot despite not listed as such). The high quality chicken was cooked in fresh garlic, wine & pequin pepper sauce. Overall, it was a flavorful, good dish served with Spanish rice and beans. I was satisfied with the orange caramel flan. Normally I don’t order flan or crème brulee, but the orange caramel combination worked well and the price was reasonable. I would consider going back to Salsa a la Salsa if I were close by, but I would normally choose a Mexican restaurant closer to my neighborhood.









February 17, 2006


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