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Salt Cellar

173 Western Ave N

St. Paul

     •     Salt Cellar Charcuterie $15 (shared)

     •     Potato Gnocchi $10

     •     Wild Shrimp Cakes $11

I really liked Salt Cellar.  First it was date night, so that helps a ton. Second they do some old school stuff like serve table side, but not in a dorky way.  

Everything I had was really very good, as was Steve's.  They did have a weird system of using an I pad for their drink menu which was very distracting and unnecessary in my opinion.  

Sadly our date night was cut short before we could order dessert.  Sick kid.

      • Hanger Steak $25

      • Pommes Frites $7

The Salt Cellar is an excellent restaurant in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood of Saint Paul.  There is plenty of competition in the area, so it will be interesting to see how it shakes out.  The restaurant is divided from the bar by a wall with some glass where you can see bar bottles on the other side.  Breaking up the space helps to keep noise down.

The charcuterie plate was a large plate of meats and pickled vegetables.  It was a hit and miss plate.  For example, even though I like foie gras, I don’t like it as much by itself.  Also, I could’ve done with fewer pickled vegetables.  Nevertheless, everything on the plate was high quality, including the homemade crackers, and I would order it again.

I had the 8 ounce hangar steak, which was medium rare, and sliced when it arrived at the table.  The Piedmontese beef was tougher and leaner than most  beef that is served in local restaurants, but it still had plenty of flavor.  The steak was served with a side sauce and mushrooms, which are not listed on the menu.  I also ordered bacon fat onions, which were very tasty.  I probably would have skipped the bacon fat onions if I knew there were sides that came with the steak.  I ordered the pommes frites, which was too much food after the appetizer and steak and only two diners.  I would skip the pommes frites next time.

If you go, parking is very difficult in the area.  We parked on the street 2-3 blocks away, but there really aren’t many options, and the restaurant does not have valet service.  The best advice is to arrive early and be patient.














$20 and up

February 20, 2016


2 1/2' wood