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Seven Sushi

700 Hennepin Avenue


     •     Baked Mussels (shared) $13

     •     Fire Cracker Roll $18

     •     Dynamite Roll $7

     •     Lava Cake (shared) $9

So Seven is a scene or at least currently. I understand this is kinda fickle where the it people hang out, but right now it seems as though at least some of them are hanging out here. Luckily we went without our child (however there was a group with a child there so it is possible it seems). But was much more fun to sit back and take time to simply enjoy the scene. Ok, you can tell we really don't get out that much anymore.

The food was an up and down affair. The mussels were good a unique presentation, but we only got five mussels for $13 so it was hard to see the value, even though they did taste good. I liked that they had some rolls that were almost created for the non sushi lover and so I was quite happy. The Fire Cracker roll was huge and really a meal in it self one which if you are not too keen on raw fish to try. I also tried the Dynamite roll which did have raw fish in it, but it was pretty spicy so again I liked it. The lava cake was a disaster and I would not recommend it.

But, let's be serious, people are not coming here for the food, they are coming here for the bar scene and that Seven has in spades. I did not get to try any of their drinks as we decided to share a bottle of wine. But they had an interesting menu of them. I think for sushi there are other places that do a better job, but for the bar scene right now, probably very few places do it better.

     •     Nigiri Dinner $25.00

This is a happening bar in downtown Minneapolis , more bar than sushi bar. It’s a scene. But the sushi is average. The baked mussels were horribly overpriced. The lava cake dessert, presumably from the steak house on the first floor, was a chalky chocolate disaster.

So, here’s my advice. If you’re 25 and hip, you already know this. Go there for happy hour or even a little later for drinks and a little sushi. Skip the overpriced apps and dessert. Fake your way through the sushi menu and order a la carte to look impressive. Dress well. If you’re sufficiently loopy from drinks, go to Pizza Luce or 112 Eatery for late night sustenance. If you get a window seat, probably reserved for the older, less-hip crowd like us, there are some good views of Hennepin Avenue and 7th Street .














$20 and up

January 17, 2009