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Town Hall Brewery

1430 Washington Ave S


     •     Southwestern Egg Rolls $7.50 (shared)

     •     Seasoned Pulled Pork Sandwich $7.45

Awhile ago a gentleman wrote in and suggested this restaurant and while I did not keep his email he mentioned that he thought I probably would not like it, but he thought Steve would. Having a website like this is fascinating, people tend to make some pretty grand assumptions about who you are by what you write and I guess in the end that is fair since that is what we humans do. The gentleman felt that I would not like it because from my reviews he felt I did not like the beer type of places, he may have been a little more harsh than that, but we will just leave it that as harshness in reactions doesn't really bother me as much as amuses me. Really anyone, and I mean anyone, can have a website, you most definitely do not need any kind of credentials and it costs like 10 bucks a month, so just the fact than anyone takes us seriously enough to have a strong reaction to our reviews just cracks me up.

In the end he was right, I did not really like the place, not because it served beer and was casual, but because the food really was not that good. Interestingly enough, I really enjoyed the root beer I ordered and I tasted both beers that Steve ordered and actually liked them both.

There was a private party in the backroom so I am not sure if they normally have that open for restaurant seating or if they normally only seat in the bar area, but we were seated in the bar area and while it was not terribly smokey, it was very noticeable and it was also very loud. So not a good place for the romantic venture, but fine for an after volleyball game adventure, which is what we were seeking. The appetizer just didn't work. It was a southwestern egg roll. I likes the idea of it, but I think they soaked the egg roll wrapper in buffalo sauce so it was kinda too much. The ranch type sauce was ok, but the other one was really not good with it at all.

The pulled pork sandwich was huge, with a huge side of fries so if like lots o' food this place is good for that. However, it was called seasoned pulled pork and while I could detect the ales it had been cooked in, a very nice flavor. There were no other flavors whatsoever. The fries on the side were excellent however and I did enjoy eating most of them although there were so many that I couldn't even finish them all. Anyone who knows me, knows that would be a lot of fries.

     •     Asparagus And Spinach Alfredo $9.95

I didn't like the Town Hall Brewery. Maybe it would be different if I were 22 again and just wanted a beer and a sandwich, but I am older, married, and was looking for something better. The beer was fine, but it really is a drinking establishment for ladies and gents in their early twenties. The service was good, too, considering that half of the place was cordoned off for a private party. That should tell us something, having half the place rented out on a Saturday night for a private party.

So we had the weird tasting Southwestern egg rolls with the Chipotle honey sauce that did not match at all. The pairing was so awful that after the first bite, I didn't bother dipping the egg rolls into that sauce again, preferring instead the mild, predictable ranch sauce. The egg rolls themselves didn't taste much like chicken, they tasted vegetarian to me, which was fine, but not what I expected. These would make a decent appetizer if you'd already had a few drinks and were looking for something to keep you stable. A word to the wise, if you're trying to keep stable, avoid the chipotle honey sauce.

So then we went on to the entrees. I should have stuck with a sandwich when they were out of one of their specials. But no, Mr. Pasta Boy here has to try the penne alfredo with spinach and asparagus. Kudos for using whole leaf spinach, and the asparagus wasn't too bad either. But the sauce was a soupy flavorless disaster. Sometimes less is more, and not having a sauce would have been better. I don't want to be too harsh for a bar near the U with cheap eats, but good cheap eats can be elsewhere, and go here for the drinks.






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November 20, 2004