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Twin City Grill

Mall of America


     •     Salad

     •     Walleye Nuggets $16.95

This is a very popular restaurant, especially on Saturday nights. There were approximately a million people waiting to get in, luckily we had reservations and although we had some concerns they actually honored them in a timely fashion.

Perhaps because it is so popular it is a very rushed atmosphere, they want to get you in and out in a hurry. I have actually been here before with a friend and we had came a weeknight, it wasn't nearly as rushed, but when we were lingering chatting after we had ate, our waiter was none to happy. This occasion was the same experience, although intensified many times.

The walleye was fine, especially if the reason you get walleye is for the breading, since they are nuggets they were almost all breading. It was good breading and the nuggets were an interesting take on the Minnesota Walleye experience.

     •     Soup

     •     Horseradish Crusted Filet Mignon $23.95

I ordered the horseradish crusted filet mignon at Twin City Grill. I thought it might be a good bet since they now advertise themselves as a steak and seafood restaurant. But I left remembering how good the steak was at Morton's. The steak was properly prepared at medium rare. It just wasn't as good of quality as the Morton's steak; it was tougher and chewier. It was still a good steak, it just wasn't a great steak.

On the positive side, it was a good value. For the mid-twenties, the steak came with a soup or salad and a potato. The corn chowder was steaming hot, and quite good. And the vinegar french fries, though salty, were refreshingly different. With all of this good food and the hot onion bread, you don't leave hungry.

A word of caution: this is a mall restaurant. The restaurant was very busy on a Saturday night. The wait would have been about a half hour if we did not have reservations. It was also noisy, and the service was fast. Fast service is fine when you've worked up an appetite shopping all day, but it doesn't make for a romantic or relaxing meal.

We've finished our tour of duty at the Mall of America, though not all restaurants have been formally reviewed. At the Mall of America, I would recommend the California Cafe or Napa Valley Grill. We also had a good meal at Tucci Benuch; however, a more recent experience was less satisfying.









March 25, 2000

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