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201 Main Street SE


     •     Calamari salad $9 + $1.50 split charge $10.50 (shared)

     •     Sea Bass with tomatoes and olives $26

     •     Snap peas $6 (shared)

     •     Berry cup $7 (shared)

This is one of those places where I have been to lunch and I had a great experience, I had a lobster club with these incredible fries. Of course, prices are a bit cheaper during lunch.

During dinner the prices are similar to some of the more upscale restaurants unfortunately they do not quite live up in quality or service.

First a pet peeve, I actually get the split charge if two people are sitting down for a drink and all they are going to order is a salad, but if you are ordering a full dinner, take off the split charge, please!

That said it was a beautiful evening and we sat on the patio, so we got to hear a combination of the band and of the piped in music. But it is was hard to complain when the night was so nice.

The salad was just ok for me, I liked the idea of it, but something wasn't quite right. The fish was done perfectly, but the accompanying sauce did nothing for the overall dish. The dessert was not worth anywhere close to $7 although to be fair, I still finished it off.

     •     Sole stuffed with crab and shrimp creviche $24

VIC’s is a place where I loved the food but couldn’t stand the service. Not that the service was outright, blatantly awful, but it was well below average, heading toward crappy.

Really, it was all about attitude. The server didn’t have our best interest in mind. He didn’t bother getting us a breadbasket when other tables had one. He didn’t bother to tell us there was a split salad charge (still one of my least favorite trends in dining). He didn’t really want to serve us a dessert (maybe because there wasn’t a share dessert charge). He recommended a side dish when salad and entrees were enough (in one of those, “since I’m going to bring you food anyway, I can increase my tip” kinds of way).

One more complaint before moving on to some positives: the outdoor band next door and VIC’s piped-in music individually and together were extremely corrosive when we could have been enjoying the intriguing sounds of traffic, pedestrians, bicyclists, and the river. VIC’s has a lovely view and very good people-watching opportunities, and the music should go.

But then, I really enjoyed my entree even though Renee didn’t like hers. The sole was perfectly done and lay on a bed of delicious crab. The accompanying shrimp creviche was a wonderful side. The snap peas were fresh and flavorful, though overpriced for a simple vegetable that probably should have been part of the entree, given its price.

I also liked the calamari salad, but it was overpriced. It was similar to a grilled chicken salad and a great idea it is. Expect to see this elsewhere. By the way, it makes a good appetizer/salad combo if you can’t decide which to have.

Finally, the berry cup was good, in my opinion, but the waffle cone was stale. I had one bite of the cone and I was done. Notwithstanding the stale cone, the berries and ice cream were fresh and quite good.

All things considered it is too expensive, the service was poor, the music obnoxious, and for me, the food at VIC’s takes a back seat to too many bad traits.








$20 and up

June 6, 2004