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Victor's on Water

205 Water Street


     •     Gnocchi - duck confit, charred kale $16 (shared)

     •   Pan Fried Scallops $30

     •     Chocolate Cake $8 (shared)

Excelsior was busy there was a street festival when we went to Victor's.  So parking was a bit of a pain, people watching was excellent.

Victor's itself was a pretty restaurant, much like the people who inhabited, consequently, we were seated in an out of the way table, which was fine, it was by the bar and again excellent people watching.  I did not have high hopes in coming here, but Victor's delivered on all the important points.  Food and serve was very good.  The gnocchi was as it should be and the toppings above average.  My scallops were perfectly made, the rissoto was a bit runny for my taste, but a minor quibble.  The chocolate cake was solid, nothing to really write about.  The waitress when she set it down totally misdescribed it as she was looking at it.  Clearly she was not a big dessert person.

I would probably not go back, it was quite a drive and quite frankly I never really feel comfortable in that part of the metro.

     •     Spagetthi - meatballs $18

I enjoyed the food, decor, service, and experience at Victor’s on Water.  I was less excited about the drive to Excelsior and the parking on the night we were there.  The people watching was equally interesting and not interesting; there were plenty of high income, good looking suburbanites, but not a lot of diversity. 

The gnocchi was as good as any I’ve had recently.  It was light and fluffy, yet browned on the outside.  The accompanying braised kale was a great addition that cut through the duck confit and truffle vinaigrette.  I doubled up on the carbs and ordered the spaghetti and meatballs, which came highly recommended by the server.  The homemade pasta was outstanding, and the meatballs were spicy that did not overpower the flavor.  The server indicated that some diners found them too spicy, but they’re probably about a 2 or 3 out of 10, and many Minnesotans prefer to stay in the zero to one range.  I highly recommend the spaghetti and meatballs.  The dessert was a standard good chocolate cake, with some tasty burnt marshmallow creme and hazelnuts.

I had a really good meal at Victor’s on Water, but probably won’t go back because of the distance.  Some other notes about the decor, service, and parking in case you go.  The decor was upper end with white table cloths and newer furnishings.  The service was personable, and very honest.  In addition to warning us about spicy meatballs, our server steered us away from a dessert and toward two others that patrons routinely liked.  Even though parking was a challenge, we found parking in a lot a block behind the building despite  the nearby Irish tent party and fantastic 70 degree weather in early March.














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March 12, 2016


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