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W.A. Frost

374 Selby Avenue

St. Paul

     •     Blue Cheese, Apple and Walnut Salad $7.95

     •     Beef Spareribs $22.95

     •     Citrus Tapioca $5.75

One of the grand dames of restaurants. For decor that is old and romantic, you really can't do much better. They have a big fireplace in middle of the room, so it is nice and cozy even on the most chilly evening.

The beef ribs were the same way. While they were fine, there was nothing that was particularly notable. The tapioca was the same.

It is probably a great place to take your parents to, you know it will be good, the portions will not be too small, and there will be no surprises.

     •     Pumpkin Soup $5.95

     •     Vegetarian Pot Pie $16.95

     •     Ice Cream $5.25

W. A. Frost is known for its outdoor dining and its romantic atmosphere. The decor reminds you of the railroad barons of St. Paul. The large fireplaces provide heat and the homey aged wood smell. It makes you want to curl up with a good book and read all night, if only the chairs were comfortable.

I was happy with a hot pumpkin soup with nutmeg and crème fraiche. It was thicker than I expected, but that made for a good seasonal offering. The crème fraiche improved the presentation and contrasted the pumpkin well.

The pot pie was also presented well, topped by a wonderful golden brown pastry. Inside, the root vegetables, mostly potatoes and carrots, packed the dish. Unfortunately, the inside was bland and uninspired. Sure, it was only pot pie, but if you can't make it special, don't put it on the menu (for $17).

I liked the homemade vanilla ice cream with a single sugar cookie, though it seemed pricey. That may be the knock on W. A. Frost: you pay for the atmosphere, not the food. It's far from poor, but also far from excellent








$20 and up

November 9, 2002