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Wasabi Fusion Cuisine

903 Washington Ave S


     •     Gyoza $6

     •     Hibachi Scallop $18

Wasabi was simply a sad experience for me. First it was a beautiful day and they had no outdoor seating, Sanctuary (also in our basket) does and was right down stairs so it was partly a bad pick. It was not very busy which may have a been a sign on 7pm on Saturday. So it did not have a good buzz, it felt very dead.

Then there was the food, which was not impressive. The gyoza were not too bad tasting, but at a bit over a $1 a piece not a good value. My entree was not good, if the scallops hadn't been perfectly cooked I would have given it a poor rating. But the rest of the dish could have easily have been had from LeeAnn Chin.

I can not think of any reason to go here. If you want LeeAnn Chin go to one of the many locations throughout the city and enjoy that particular quality of Asian food at a much more reasonable price. If you want good Japanese food go to Origami or Nami.

     •     Beef Teriyaki Box $19

I normally do not read restaurant reviews in advance of going to a restaurant. Wasabi has one older review from the normal sources. Several newer web postings have complained about poor service, mostly with large groups. We did not experience poor service (although it seems as though we got the lunch menus that do not look anything like what is posted on the restaurant web site).

I agree with the people who posted that the bar and sushi bar are poorly placed. They are close to the entrance and appear to be an afterthought in designing the space.

The gyoza was okay, but not great. The beef teriyaki box was below average. The California rolls were okay, but everything else in the box was a little off. Even the wasabi was a little off; about half of the wasabi had no wasabi flavor at all, it was just green paste.

I cannot recommend Wasabi when there are several better Japanese restaurants in town (my favorites are still Origami or Nami.









May 24, 2008