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7901 34th Avenue S


     •     Chicken Flautas $8.00 (shared)

     •     Grilled Brie $7.00 (shared)

     •     Lobster Ravioli $22.00

     •     Chocolate Polenta Cake $7.00

You may not have noticed, but we have had an excellent run this year. So far of the four we have reviewed this year, we have had four excellents. And even on the weekends that we have been out of town, we have had really good luck, we went to the New Scenic Cafe just north of Duluth which was outstanding and then we went to Trotters in Chicago on another weekend which was exceptional. All and all it has been a great couple of months, but we all knew it would end and end it did this last Saturday.

Unfortunately, we had invited my sister and her husband along, since Woolley's is in their neck of the woods, so they got to share in the pain. I am not even sure where to begin with disappointment. Actually lets start with the highlights, the restaurant itself is in the Embassy Suites by the airport, and in the main lobby area which is like a big atrium full of plants so that was nice on a cold winters night. Also they served grilled pita bread with a chimichurri sauce that was quite good.

Ok, so that was the good part, some interesting parts is our waitress was Grandma Sue and pretty nice, they had a salad bar, no not the fancy kind, but the kind that will remind you of your childhood especially if it was spent in rural Minnesota, but it is two dollars extra, it really should have been free with the already expensive entrees. The appetizers were also along the interesting line, the flautas were not bad and actually edible, the grilled brie had potential, but it was not really good brie and the grilling did not really help it at all.

Then came the entrees, I was the only one who finished mine, not because they were exceptionally big, but because they were exceptionally not good. Mine was way too salty and the pasta was really quite tough, but I was really hungry so I did manage to work through most of them. My dessert I could not even finish, I can only remember one other time that I could not finish a normal size dessert, that is not a good sign. The chocolate had a really bitter sour taste that was practically inedible.

The worse part of the night was when the chef came around and asked us how it was, I really didn't know where to begin and I didn't want to sound like one of those diners that is just a complainer so I said it was fine, but I really now feel a bit guilty about that.

     •     Grilled Scallops with Butternut Squash Ravioli $23.00

     •     Hot Monkey Love $7.00

How bad can a restaurant be? I don’t know. We’ve been to worse, but Woolley’s was pretty bad, especially after four excellent restaurants in a row: Solera, Evergreen Taiwanese, Kafé 421, and Fermentations. Woolley’s is in the atrium of the Airport Embassy Suites. When I mentioned we went there, a coworker said, “I never think of going to a hotel for a meal.” While there are notable exceptions, Woolley’s reinforces the bad food at a hotel stereotype.

     •     Salad bar – o.k., standard, but we could have stopped there.

     •     Chicken Flautas – o.k., but why flautas? Tasted mostly like a frozen chicken burrito.

     •     Grilled Brie – a waste of a below-average brie.

     •     Grilled scallops – scallops o.k., large, nicely done. Accompanying squash ravioli – terrifyingly awful

     •     Hot monkey love – deep fried Snickers bar, poorly done, a waste of a Snickers bar. Two scoops of bad banana nut ice cream. Served to look like genitalia. Unappetizing.








$20 and up

February 26, 2005